Past Events 2021 - 2022

February 14, 2022


Thinking Outside of the Box

The East Hampton Lions love doing things for Valentine's Day. It was too cold for Cupid to make an appearance like he did last year and with special diets we didn't want to give out chocolates.

Three Lions brought some ‘love’ to our local convalescent home, Cobalt Lodge for an hour.

Lions Mary and Ted Krogh provided the two baby pygmy goats and white baby lamb, Sarah from their Circle K Farm in East Hampton. Lion Don Grise from the Montville Lions also took all of the photos.


The photo to the left is of Lion Mary Krogh holding a white and black baby goat for a woman to gently pet.


The photo to the right is of a man having fun feeding a bottle to a white baby lamb, Sarah.


The photo to the left is of a woman holding and gently petting a black baby goat.


The photo to the right is of a man holding and gently petting a black and white baby goat.


The photo to the left is of the black and white baby goat, and the white baby lamb, sarah holding a strategy meeting.


The photo to the right is of a woman enjoying holding and loving the black baby goat.


The photo to theleft is of Lions Mary and Ted Krogh taking a few moments watching white baby lamb, Sarah.


We thank the Recreation Director, Sue Behm and staff for assisting us in providing a bit of love to the residents of Cobalt Lodge.

November 25, 2021


A Thanksgiving From the Heart

Members of the East Hampton Lions along with other volunteers gave Thanksgiving a special meaning for community families that would have gone without a nice meal for Thanksgiving Day.

The East Hampton Lions in conjunction with their local restaurant, The Dublin delivered 50 full turkey dinners to 2 senior housing complexes along with 6 other families in town. The turkeys were part of a Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) Community Impact Grant.

Included in the meals were homemade apple and pumpkin pies and our Belltown Leos baked cookies to be included in the meals.

In total 120 people were served these special meals made and given with kindness and love from the heart.

The photo above from Left to right are East Hampton Lions First Vice President, Allen Guiot, Tent/Eyeglass Chairman, Tom Denman, lion Cindy Pasternak, and President, Mary Krogh.

The photo above is of one of three vans packed with hearty Thanksgiving meals for community families.

We thank everyone who assisted in making this event so successful. We hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.

August 28, 2021


Celebrating 100 Years of Lions in CT

Multiple-District 23 held a large rally at the New Britain Bee's Stadioum to celebrate 100 years of Lions in Connecticut.

Over two-hundred and fifty Lions from all three Lions Districts 23A, 23B, and 23C came to celebrate including members of the East Hampton Lions who joined in on the fun.

Prior to the start of all of the festivities clubs marched with their club banners held high with pride.

The photo above is of First Vice President and Zone 2 Chairperson, Allen Guiot (left) and Director, Joe Walters (right) holding the East Hampton Lions Banner high and proud as they marched around the stadium.

The photo above is of Eastern Connecticut Virtual Lions members Renee Williams and Jake Scanlon parading with the Campaign 100 Banner.

The photo above is the Honor Guard - Silver Dolphins from the Navel Submarine School in Groton, CT.

The photo to the left is of dignitaries at the event from left to right: District Governor 23B (DG), Ed Fenton, Karol and International Director (ID), John Yonney, Multiple-District 23 Council Chairperson (CC), Frank Rowe. District Governor 23C (DG), Michele Wyatt, Past District Governor (PDG), Keith Lemire, District Governor 23A (DG), Lori-Ann Beninson, Past International Director (PID), Mark and Lion Lyn Lyon..


The photo to the right is of a view of the New Britain Bees Stadium from far out in center field.