Past Events 2022 - 2023


March 17, 2023


Some Corned Beef and More

The East Hampton Lions celebrated St. Patty's Day by cooking and serving a corned beef dinner with all of the fixings for the residents of Bellwood Court and Chatham Acres held at Bellwood Court.

About 30 residents attended along with the new director of the Housing Authority and the senior bus driver.

The photo above is of the residents of Belwood Court and Chatham Acres enjoying a nice corned beef dinner for St. Patrick's Day while enjoying one another's company.

East Hampton Lions Gary Coie, Anna Hecht, Joe Walters, Liz Cooper, Mary & Ted Krogh participated.

This dinner gave everyone an excuse to be Irish for a while and that's no Blarney!


December 16, 2022


Wrapping it up for Christmas

Members of the East Hampton Lions Donna Marsden and Anna Hecht volunteered at Boscovs Department Store in Meriden, CT on Thursday, December 16, 2022.

The photo above is of Donna Marsden and Anna Hect wrapping gifts for Boscovs patrons.

Donna and Anna had fun helping patrons getting ready for the joys of the season. They made $100 in donations.


October 27, 2022


Mobile Food Pantry - October

The East Hampton Lions partnered with Connecticut Food Share and had their first mobile food pantry on Thursday, October 27, 2022. About twelve volunteers assisted, both Lions and friends of the Lions.

The event was held in the parking lot of the St. Patrick’s Church from 9am to10am. This was the first of three of these events.

The photo to the left is of the Connecticut Food Share truck with lions and club friends along with Food Share staff unloadig food items from the truck and passing it out to people in line.


The photo to the right is of people patiently waiting in line while food is being given out.


We gave out fresh fruit and produce plus butter to one-hundred and twenty-two families in East Hampton.


October 9, 2022


Campaign Fundraiser for a Special Friend

Sunday, October 9, 2022 members of the East Hampton Lions participated in district 23C fundraiser to support the candidacy of Immediate Past International Director, Mark Lyon to become Third Vice President of Lions Clubs International.

This event was held on the Black Hawk a two-deck party, seal-watching, fishing charter vessel with twin 750 horse powered diesel engines making it one of the fastest boats of its kind which was docked at the Black Hawk Pier, 11 Main Street in Niantic, CT. Her captain was Greg Drubrule and had four additional crew members.

The image above is of the Black Hawk cruising down the Thames River.

Besides Mark Lyon and his wife, Lyn members of different lions clubs throughout district 23C attended this fun-filled fundraiser. There were about fifty people in all.

In attendance were District 23C Governor (DG), Sue Fisher and her husband Past District Governor (PDG), Ed, Immediate Past District 23C Governor (IPDG), Michele Wyatt and her husband lion Doug and many others.

The cruise went down the Thames River past Electric Boat in Groton, some beautiful and very expensive homes on the shoreline and much more.

The image above is showing a beautiful sunset while the Black Hawk is coming back to dock.

The Black Hawk left dock at 4PM and returned at 6PM. everyone had a very good time. The fundraiser brought in about nine-hundred dollars towards Mark’s campaign.


September 19, 2022


Music to the Ears

Monday evening, September 19th the East Hampton Lions presented an evening with the Coast Guard Chamber Band. This was a free concert held at the East Hampton High School Auditorium.

Prior to the event, our lions provided supper for the entire band.

The band played “Chamber Music” and it was beautiful. All one-hundred and fifty attendees eenjoyed the performance.

East Hampton Lions Gary Cloe, Jo Walters, Ted Krogh, Sandy Giordano. Bill Giordano. Allen Guiot, Lisa Klein, Liz Cooper, Gina LaRose , and Jay Hansen assisted that evening.

The photo above is of the band playing some beautifully arranged music.


August 10, 2022


The Butler Did It!

On Wednesday evening, August 10, 2022 the East Hampton Lions presented, The Butler at St. Patrick’s Church Parish Hall. Doors opened at 6:30pm and the presentation started at 7pm.

This was an evening with a former White House Butler, Alan DeValerio who served in the White House for ten years.

Alan told stories of what it was like to work as an Assistant Butler at first and then a Butler for State Dinners and other occasions at the White House.

East Hampton lions Allen Guiot, Demian Battit, Tim Cserve and Joe Walters were Escorts for the evening. They wore black Tuxedos minus the jackets wearing white shirts, black pants, cummerbunds, and black bowties. They greeted guests and escorted them to their seats.

Our servers included East Hampton lions Sandy Giordano, Sharon Oldham, Sandy Vezina, Lisa Klein, Anna Hecht, Donna Marsden, and Joyce Stedman. They dressed in white outfits with black aprons and wore white gloves.

Our servers also baked all of the cookies for the evening which included cookies that some of our former presidents enjoyed.

Other members that participated were Howard & Terri Geltman who sold and took tickets at the door, Mary & Ted Krogh, and Liz & Bill Giordano.

The photo to the left is of all of our Servers and Escorts standing behind a rectangular table with a blue table cloth with trays of baked cookies with red, white and blue bunting in front of it.


The photo above is of former White House Butler, Alan DeValerio as he was going to speak - Now WAIT A MINUTE! this is one of our members Joe Walters. He actually does look as if he could be a Butler.

Now the photo above IS the REAL former White House Butler, Alan DeValerio.


The photo above is a thirty-year old White House Butler, Alan DeValerio serving a drink to then President Ronald Reagan in the early 1980's.

The photo to the right is of one of our servers passing out home-made cookies to our guests that the former presidents enjoyed.


We charged five dollars for each attendee to this presentation. The idea was not to make money but just to put on a great presentation.


August 7, 2022


Yummies for Local Seniors

Sunday, August 7th Members of the East Hampton Lions cooked up 100 stuffed baked potatoes and served forty people at our two senior housing complexes Chattham Acres and Bellwood Court at about 4:30pm. We also provided dessert.

The photo to the left is of four seniors sitting around a table enjoying one another's company while enjoying their yummy baked stuffed potatoes.


The photo to the right is of a close-up of one of the yummy stuffed baked potatoes.

East Hampton Lions Joe Walters, Donna Marsden, Liz Cooper and Mary Krogh made this a special time for some of our local seniors.


August 28, 2022


Food Distribution and Drive-By

On Thursday, July 28th, members of the East Hampton Lions conducted a Food Distribution from 10am to 2pm. 400 ears of corn, 100 heads of lettuce and 5 cases of tomatoes were given out to seniors at Chattham Acres. We also had people in need “drive-by” to pick up food.

This event assisted approximately 75 community residents.

East Hampton Lions Joe Walters, Ted and Mary Krogh participated in this event.